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pickup All Autos; Foreign & Domestic, European,Hot Rods, Antique, Lifted or Lowered Alignments, Brakes , Complete service including Tires! We do them ALL!


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bus Wheel Alignment, Axle Straightening, King Pins & Suspension service, Brakes, Tires, Spin Balancing, Lazer Trailer Tracking

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Wheel Alignment

Here at All Wheel, we take pride in stating that we align any kind of vehicle with perfection. We specialize from the normal everyday car to the exotic. We understand that it is the little things that make a perfect Wheel alignment. It all starts with the proper equipment & know-how. A vehicle road test and inspection is very important to insure a job done right. It is our duty to insure that your tires will get the maximum life & that your vehicle handles the way it should. Whether it be your old VW Bug, Honda, Jaguar, Cadillac, 4x4 Pick up, Motorhome, Trailer, or Semi truck it must be perfect. Don't settle for less!


Brake & Wheel Bearing Service

We take brake repair very seriously here at All Wheel! The brake system must function properly every time you use them. If your vehicle needs repair it has to be done right however if something is not needed then it shouldn't be sold. Before we give you an estimate on your brakes, it is our policy to thoroughly inspect your brake system so we can give you a more accurate estimate of repairs. This would include a road test to understand the complaint and wheel removal to diagnose linings, rotors, drums & hydraulic system. Sometimes complaints like brake noise & a low pedal may be a simple repair so don't assume a brake job is needed until it is inspected. We also specialize in motorhome & trailer brakes. We are here to help!


Shocks & Struts

We are not limited to selling one brand of shock or strut. In fact, because we are an independent repair shop, we like to recommend the very best product for your vehicle. There are many brands to choose from and prices do vary. We want your ride as smooth as possible and at the best possible price. Give us a call or come by for a product demonstration.


Steering & Suspension Repair

Using the best parts for the past 30 plus years has built our strong reputation & we will keep it that way! Tie rods, ball joints, idler arm & bushings are some steering & suspension components. The function of these parts & others are a direct reflection of your vehicle's wheel alignment angles. If parts like these have failed, it will more than likely cause an alignment problem. Before we perform a wheel alignment, each and every steering & suspension component is properly inspected to insure safety and proper adjustment of alignment angles. These replacement parts also have a lifetime warranty.


Factory scheduled services and General Repair

We strongly believe in factory scheduled maintenance but we don't believe in performing any services that are not necessary. We always begin any service with an inspection to be sure it's required (or not). Our honest reputation over the years has set the foundation for repeat customers, referrals and families of 2nd and 3rd generation. When it comes to preventive maintenance we always show you our "Care Factor" performing the common services like Timing Belts, Tune Ups, Belt Replacement, Hoses, Fuel Filters, Transmission services, etc. We keep in touch with you regarding upcoming services and we take your business to heart being the shop that manages your vehicle for you. 


Tires, Wheels, & Balancing

Isn't it nice to be driving a vehicle that is perfectly smooth from 10 MPH to 130 MPH? Here at All Wheel, we are very fortunate to have the most sophisticated balancing equipment in the country. We can balance literally any size tire on any kind of vehicle with precision. If you have a vibration problem and have already tried other tire shops, please give us a try. We will find the problem - guaranteed. Also, we only sell tires that we can guarantee. Our prices are very competitive and we have a very large selection. From high performance tires to large RV & trailer tires, we've got you covered! Things to consider about tire service: we always use the proper wheel weight & on custom wheels, we have the capability to hide the stick-on weight (behind the spokes) for that custom look. 

* Free rotation & balance every 5,000 miles 

* Free Nationwide tire repairs - Any shop - Anywhere in the country!

* Free tire inspection & Air pressure check

* Road Hazard Warranty available


Lube, Oil, Filter Service 

Many repair shops perform an oil change service. We take ample time to make sure the job is done right. This service is simple but it shouldn't be done in pit-stop fashion. Every Oil Change service we provide a full vehicle inspection to insure your safety. We inspect things like Belts, Hoses, All Fluids, Tires and brakes on most vehicles. Our chassis lubrication procedure may be different from other lube shops. Our policy is to raise the front suspension off the ground to take pressure off the ball joints/ king pins & control arms. This is extremely important especially on pick -ups, motor homes & commercial trucks. With today's fuel prices preventive maintenance keeps the cost per mile down in the long run.


CV Joint & U-Joint Service

CV & U-Joints are so important to our vehicles today and must be inspected often. If a CV boot or a U-joint has failed and if detected in time, before further damage has occurred, the repair cost will be much less. If a CV axle or U-joint is needed, our parts have a lifetime warranty and all of our repairs are backed with a one year 12,000 mile nationwide warranty.


Spring Repair & Overhauls / Air Suspension

 We have the equipment to re-arch leaf springs, add additional leafs, install air bags, Timbren kits or Super Springs. Whatever the need to attain more carrying capacity we have you covered!


Lift Kits & Lowering Kits

In today's competitive aftermarket world there are many Lift Kit brands out there to choose from. We always take the time to inspect the vehicle prior to installing the lift kit to save money on repairs, if needed. Some of the brands we recommend are Rancho, Pro Comp and Daystar depending on your application. Anytime a suspension is modified it is imperative that all components are properly torqued and rechecked often. With proper installation and wheel alignment our goal is to help you enjoy your ride for many years to come.

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