Cars and light trucks

pickup All Autos; Foreign & Domestic, European,Hot Rods, Antique, Lifted or Lowered Alignments, Brakes , Complete service including Tires! We do them ALL!


rv All Makes & Models! Pre-trip Inspections-Preventive Maintenance, Handling Cures, Alignments, Brakes & Tires, Tow Vehicle Packages,Overnight Campers Welcome


motorhome All Makes & Models!Specializing in Axle Alignment,Wheel Bearing & Brake Service, Frame support & Repair, Heavy Duty Trailer Tires,Overnight Campers Welcome

Semi trucks and buses

bus Wheel Alignment, Axle Straightening, King Pins & Suspension service, Brakes, Tires, Spin Balancing, Lazer Trailer Tracking

All Pickups Needing Extra Load Carrying

When towing or carrying extra loads we offer the right products to help control the rear end sag, sway and bounce that occurs. Over the years certain products have out-performed others and we have first-hand knowledge of what works best for your vehicle. We also perform spring re-arching and we can add extra leaf springs as needed but today’s vehicles and the new products available helps for a clean and easy installation. Keeping the proper rear ride height helps not only in keeping the vehicle level but also retains proper front alignment.

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