Cars and light trucks

pickup All Autos; Foreign & Domestic, European,Hot Rods, Antique, Lifted or Lowered Alignments, Brakes , Complete service including Tires! We do them ALL!


rv All Makes & Models! Pre-trip Inspections-Preventive Maintenance, Handling Cures, Alignments, Brakes & Tires, Tow Vehicle Packages,Overnight Campers Welcome


motorhome All Makes & Models!Specializing in Axle Alignment,Wheel Bearing & Brake Service, Frame support & Repair, Heavy Duty Trailer Tires,Overnight Campers Welcome

Semi trucks and buses

bus Wheel Alignment, Axle Straightening, King Pins & Suspension service, Brakes, Tires, Spin Balancing, Lazer Trailer Tracking


We treat your Trailer like we would treat any other vehicle we work on. The very last thing you want is a breakdown on the side of the freeway with trucks passing by you at 70 MPH. Proper maintenance is crucial. Common things like annual wheel bearing service, proper tire pressure and correct Wheel Alignment will prevent some scary situations. Most people (including manufacturers) don't even realize that Wheel Alignments can be performed on a trailer! Just like any other type of vehicle, if the tires are wearing unevenly many serious problems can occur like premature tire wear, blowouts and decreased fuel economy. A trailer actually pulls easier with a proper alignment. We're very proud to be the national authority in this very specialized service.

This is just a short list of "some" services we provide...

  • Trailer Axle Wheel Alignment
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Complete Suspension Repairs
    • Including Frame Reinforcement
  • Suspension Upgrades and Pin Box Replacements
  • Slide Out Repair
  • Brakes and Wheel Bearing Services
  • Brake Controllers
  • Generator Service and Batteries
  • Leveling Jack and Landing Gear Repair

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