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What is it like to be an All Wheel customer?


Being located just a few miles north of Central Redding off Interstate 5 makes our facility not only easy to find but easy to access any size vehicle in and out of our facility. Parking is easy and you will find happy employees and a professional knowledgeable staff. The shop is modern and very clean. During your initial visit a friendly approachable service person will ask the right questions to make you feel at ease to address your vehicle’s needs. He will not make you feel silly about certain car questions you may have and he will be supportive and caring about your safety. Normally you may wait while your vehicle is inspected or we may take you back to work or home if needed.


Our computer system will keep track of your maintenance records and may even send you a reminder when you have an appointment or when your vehicle needs service. Estimates you receive will be accurate and fair focusing on your initial concern and not trying to “sell” something that isn’t needed. In most cases we provide a courtesy safety inspection while the vehicle is in to keep you informed about any upcoming vehicle needs. After the repairs are made, normally you will receive a phone call a couple days later asking about the service and how the car is doing. You may also receive an email thanking you for coming in. Your experience here may be different from other shops because of the care factor we have for each customer. We truly feel it is our duty to keep your car running safe and reliable for many years to come.


As an All Wheel customer you will find that there really is no need to go anywhere else. Over the years our facility has expanded to provide full automotive service with ASE certified technicians. Our tires are competitively priced and a very reasonable oil change service as well. We have access to thousands of brand parts and we have the knowledge of what parts work best for your vehicle no matter what you drive.

We look forward to meeting you and your vehicles!

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